Saturday, April 21, 2012

4/19/12 PM run commute & 4/20/12 AM commute

Another slow run to work Thursday night.  Legs tired.  Foam rolled the soreness out but not the fatigue.  Strong headwind didn't help.   Running with a pack is hard & adds to the fatigue exponentially.  Luckily not too hard a night at work.  Lots of unnecessary stress though that I can't discuss.  The mental kind that wears you out.
AM run home started out ok.  The overnight rain stopped but the wind had turned out of the North & the temps dropped a ton.  It dropped another 4 degrees while I was running home to bottom out around 42. 
I left work in shorts & a t-shirt with my super light GoLite jacket stashed within reach.  I made it just past 2 miles or about 2 min after turning into the wind before having to put my jacket on.  Run went downhill from there.  Pace went to crap & motivation with it.
Was beat when I finally got home.  Put a bunch of clothes on to warm up.  Crawled under a blanket on the couch.  8 hours later I woke up still on the couch.  Amber says I slept through her cleaning house, Alex throwing a fit, & my in-laws coming by.  Guess I was really tired because I was out cold. 

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