Monday, April 23, 2012

4/22 & 4/23

Blew off runs both days.  Sunday couldn't get motivated between kid duty.  Monday I got woke up at 2am & couldn't fall back to sleep.  Watched a movie & screwed around trying to set up MediaTomb & XMBC to work with my Direct TV.  Made a start but don't have all the kinks worked out yet.  Mostly because DirectTV 's "mediashare" is crap & only works with a few video formats.  I'm going to break down & invest in a Google TV box or  Roku.

Had an early Dr's appointment Monday AM  to get my yearly Thyroid checkup.  Didn't think it through when I made the appointment & logistics were screwed.  Instead of riding an hour over & an hour back Amber dropped me off, drove back to Mia's school &  dropped her off, then came & got me.  A little too much driving.  Wasted miles & gas I guess.

Amber then had appointments all day so hung out with Alex.  Luckily he took a long nap so I got an hour nap in.  When Amber & Mia got home we had to pack up to go to Nixa to watch my niece's track meet.  Jr. high track is pretty funny.  Highly recommended for the comedic relief.

Ended last week with only 44 miles.  A lot more fatigue than I wanted.  Thus the lack of motivation on Sunday & today.  I figure I'll ride to work every night this week.  Try & hit some intensity running with lower miles.  Going floating Sunday so not much wiggle room there for a long run.

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