Wednesday, April 25, 2012

4/24/12 kinda sucked

They say bad things come in 3's.  Got all 3 done in about 13 hrs because I'm an over achiever that way. 
Started out no run day 3.  A mini rest week?  Was night 1 of work so had my normal most productive day of the week. 
#1 Rode into work.  Almost exactly half way flatted my rear tire.  2x in 2 weeks.  I've managed to wear through my rear tire.  Luckily I had a cut up tube for a boot.  Learned this lesson the hard way last year.  Fixed it & on my way.  New commuter tires ordered & in the mail. 
#2 My phone decided that it would no longer like to connect to the interwebs.  I ran through all the Verizon troubleshooting, moved onto the forums.  All to no avail.  After I got home a quick call to Verizon Support & I had to do a factory reset.  Phone back to way I first got it.  All apps gone.  No biggie since Google Play syncs them.  Did loose 2 months worth of SleepBot data which sucks.  Oh well my phone now works & fingers crossed hasn't dropped 4g yet.  Which it hasn't done since the SPR got 4g.
#3 Leaving work broke my damn sunglasses.  Again no great loss.  They were cheapo fake Oakleys I bought last summer to go floating in.Timing is right since we're going floating Sunday, I'll replace them with another cheapo pair.  I tend to get more life out of the cheap ones anyway.
#4 Bonus round.  Mia spent most of night puking.  Amber thought she was getting it too.  Made a run to the store for 7UP, poop stopper, peppermint tums, & crackers.  Luckily by time I got up today everyone was feeling better.
Today got out for a short run before work.  It was hot & I was tired.  Just needed a run to start the week.  Rode my CX bike to work since I don't trust the commuter till I swap tires.  CX bike chopped 5 min off my commute even with me screwing around taking all the CX'y lines.

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