Thursday, April 26, 2012

4/26/12 AM bike commute

I have found a lot of stuff over the years while riding & running.  The greenways closest to my house is a gold mine dumping ground.  From furniture, tvs, to a boat..yes a boat. 
This AM I topped it all.  A stripped and obviously stolen Tahoe.  It wasn't far from the road but far enough it was damn well hidden.  It wasn't there when I rode to work so had been there less than 12 hrs.  I called the sheriff.  Waited around a few minutes for them to show &  walked the deputy over to its resting place. 
No finders keepers for this one.  I told him about the area becoming a dumping grounds so hopefully they will patrol a little more.  Especially since its so close to Mia's school.
Skipped running tonight.  I figured an hour extra sleep would be better than junk miles on what has become a recovery week.   Did ride to work pretty hard though.  Hard not to on the CX bike.  It just wants to go fast.

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