Sunday, April 08, 2012


Low key Easter for me since I go back to work tonight.  Slept in & watched DVR'd "live" Roubaix coverage from NBC Sports.  Cool channel glad Directtv added it to line up.  I guess the repeat coverage is 3 hrs long instead of the 1.5 hr Live coverage.  Set the DVR again since Arrenburg forest is always cool.  Good race.  Boonen TT off the front was impressive.  Glad Balan got nipped at the line.  He just needs to go away.  Phinney had a great debut in 15th. Wish Hincapie would have been with him but he finished for the 50th time.

Mowed the yard again.  Glad it was cooler today since I hate mowing & hate mowing in the heat even more.

Kept April perfect with an 8 mile & change run.  Felt really good avg 7:05/mi.  I was surprised after yesterday's horid run.  That makes 65 for the week. 

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