Saturday, April 07, 2012


Drug ass all day yesterday & almost bailed on running.  Plan was to.ride over to the track to run 800's.  Probably why I screwed around all day putting it off. Finally I took a nap & rallied enough to run to the greenways for 800's.  Glad I did.  Avg 2:46 for them.  Recovery was jog back 800.  Wanted to do 6 but pulled the plug at 5 when my recovery doubled the interval.  Still ended up with 8.5 miles for the whole workout. 
Schedule conflicts had me up at 530 am to run this AM.  Nothing special but cut run short when at 4 miles felt like I was going to Puke.  Ran back home slow still not sure why I got nauseous.  Oh well done & still perfect for April though a little behind on miles.

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