Tuesday, April 03, 2012


Had a good run home from work this am.  Felt good which was surprising since I had a long hard night at work.  Set a few "pr's".  Fastest run home by 2 min or so.  Fastest run commute time am or pm by 45 sec or so. 

My run tonight I figured would be a death march but not that bad.  I think the temp being 77 helped. 

Once I got to work, cleaned up, showered & dressed out I noticed my boots were tighter than normal.  My feet had swollen some.  I guess if I'm going to run to/from work & wear steel toes all night I need to be wearing compression socks.

This poses a bit of a problem since arc flash rules say everything worn under arc flash clothes has to be mostly cotton.  Less melting that way if I catch on fire. It's happened to me more than once so I stick to this rule.  Luckily there are several brands of compression socks with 80%+ cotton.  That should keep me legal & safe plus make my legs feel better.

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