Monday, April 02, 2012

Hot run commute

I drove into work last night so I could bring food in so I wouldn't have to run with it.  May have over done it a little.  Oh well too much food at work is better than to little.  I also took the opportunity to bring home the old school push mower that a coworker gave me.  Going to try and convert it to a bicycle powered ride on mower.

Since driving gets me home a little earlier than running or biking I finished up another little project.  I got my garage "server" another step closer to being an actual server.  I can now control torrents on it via my phone.  I could already do it on my main computer but it has to stay on all the time.  I have now taught myself some more networking skills.  I also fixed my home network file sharing problem.  I thought I found the fix for the Ubuntu bug that makes certain network drivers run at 10mbs. But alas no back to the Google. 

Tonights run to work was probably the hottest run this year so far.  85 degrees is warm when your not used to it.  I sucked down almost an entire water bottle in 6 miles. 

I'm really starting to like run commuting.  Besides the logistics being a pain in the ass it a time saver for sure.  The route to work has 2 big hills so getting my hill work in.  There is also the two a days benefit.  Not sure how far into summer I'll keep it up.  Don't want to be running to work in 100 degree weather.

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