Sunday, April 01, 2012

Run Commute PM & AM Greenways Wildlife

Little warm running into work last night. 80 degrees makes it a bit warm carry a pack.  Ran in slow & easy.  Strangely I got a side stitch less than a quarter mile from work.  It was so painful I stopped & walked what little was left.

This AM was perfect.  60 degrees a little fog along Wilson's on the Greenways.  Lots of wildlife out this am.  First snake sighting of the year.  April 1 & a snake.  That doesn't bode well for me since I can't stand snakes.  I'm pretty terrified of them.  A pretty good sized garter snake.  Had to go with a stock photo because when I saw it the pace picked up dramatically.

Saw a big old snapper on the Greenways too.  He was an old guy too, probably weighed 15-20 lbs.
Just before leaving the trails I had a turkey take to the air in front of me.  That gave me 3 good starts.  

Going to haul a bunch of food to work tonight so I can run in the next two nights.  Two run commutes will give me a nice mileage jump on the week.  I need it since last week was all over the place.  It wasn't helped with two days off either.

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