Tuesday, April 10, 2012

4/9/12 AM bike & PM run commutes

Riding home this AM was a bit chilly.  44ish degrees.  Had to break out some gloves.   It's pretty unusual for me to see people on the greenways near my house in the am.  Today I saw a pretty pissed off looking old dude who gave me the stink eye long after I was by.  I turned & looked because I could feel him stairing.  Strange but I figured out his deal on my run to work. 
I really need to keep my camera/phone at the ready.  I saw I turkey take flight in front of a deer hauling ass into the woods.  Was an awesome sight.  I guess not all the turkeys felt like flying since I followed 2 for about a quarter mile running down the center of the greenways.  This section is heavily wooded on both sides so not sure what they were thinking.  It made me laugh. 
This section has become a dumping grounds of sort.  Some furniture a truck bed liner random trash & a boat.  Yes a boat.  An old inboard missing the motor & lower unit.  Funny thing is it keeps moving.  I'm guessing its kids or the meth heads who are steadily burning off the dozer piles.
Anyway yesterday I noticed someone had dumped a bunch of used lumber.  Stopped & checked on it.  Was worth driving to get.  Have some good useable recycled lumber now for a project to be named later.
Ran into work tonight.  70 degrees & blue skys had the greenways pretty busy for this section.  Nothing else special just an easy run in.  Going to be a bit chilly running home in the am.
Almost forgot about stink eye dude.  He was a contractor.  A lot of work went on today while I was sleeping.  They started pouring the concrete for the path to connect the bridge that goes over Wilsons toward Rutlidge.  No more dirt path.  They also fixed several sections of pavement on the new part of the greenways.  Not sure why since there was nothing wrong with it.  Looks like they just made the trail more level side to side.

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