Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tis the season to cross train

That's right I've been done with CX for one whole week. I did NOTHING for 7 days except a few 12 oz curls. Fat time is over, now its time to hit Weight Watchers for Men & work some of those long forgotten muscles.

For me that means running. "You wouldn't believe it but I can run like the wind blows" well sorta of. The next few weeks will see me putting in a few miles on my running shoes & maybe a few on my trail shoes as well. With zero miles on the bike, well maybe a few on the SS MTB for fun.

This year I didn't do as much cross training as normal & I felt it in CX. This year I think I'll do a little more alternate training methods to keep me more well rounded. I'm even hoping to get in 3 months of weight training starting in January. Build up a little power base, maybe swap a pound or two of fat for a couple pounds of muscle. I'm real close to my weight goal of sub 150 & I think the weight room will be a nice trade off.

Last night was 3.7miles in 27:35, that's 7:27/mile. Average HR 141 max 157. Not too shabby first run out the door.


  1. Cross training good. I always feel stronger on the bike even if I just go hiking for a day. Stabilizers or something.
    I wish I could run like the wind. I have'nt felt like that since I was about 130#. Sub 150#? Jeepers. How tall are you?

  2. I be 72" tall. @ one point in my life I weighed in @ sub 140! yikes I looked like a walking skeleton.


  3. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Please don't loose anymore weight you will blow away in the wind. You could use to put on several pounds.