Monday, May 21, 2007

BDAY Party wrap up

We had a great party for my girls Saturday to celebrate their Birthday's.

Mia's "smash Cake" she wasn't real interested in eating it. She doesn't like sweet things.

Lots of people showed up. Amber was way too stressed. Everyone ate too much but seemed to have lots of fun. Lucky & Lacy haven't been that tired in a longgg time. They chased, fetched, tackled, & got tackled by all the kids in the back yard. I got my neck sunburned raw bar-b-quing for everyone. 24 burgers, dozen hot dogs, & a dozen brats. Very few left overs.

Tonight I came home from a VERY bad day @ work to find the best thing ever. My garage returned to me from its previous role as storage shed for our old furniture. I got Amber new furniture for her present this year & we had to put the old in the garage till the Victory Mission could come get it. Now I have all kinds of space.

This weekend is the great deck expansion. I'm adding on almost 250 sq feet of deck space. Straw boss will be my niece Ashton. Pictures too follow.

*******OH Yeah Wednesday Night ride is @ 5:30 @ McBride for those of you have trouble finding the message board. I'm also now the owner of so hopefully I'll have it up & running soon.*************


  1. Look at my eyes in this pic, the stress made me cross eyed!! Or something, I think you could have found a slightly more flattering one husband!;)

  2. You know I think that picture is a good one. You look beautiful. No one likes the way they look. I love you Serena